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company Walmart will never be a mature companies such a great any guess what every company eventually will become a mature country why was the most successful you are the larger you grow the large you grow the more difficult it becomes for you to give Property Valuation Melbourne joy my distinction between great companies and just good companies is great companies are able to fight aging for longer period able to pusher and once in awhile they reinvent themselves and finds way to get back to growth and those become a legendary CEO’s right Blackwell said she was when he came into.

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Money back into the business as reinvestment so it has good side makes your earnings rose faster that’s a bad side it makes you have to put cash back into the business couldn’t it effective growth be negative factor remember the graph I showed you of what percentage of companies.

Tactlessness Capra percent of companies globally destroy value was they grow soit has to watch a value broad I’m open the tree possible answers the first is the answer I’d like to hear it I can create value from growth because I all more than my Casey Rappelling give me a good good good basis for that the second’s I’m just running in place what does that mean you’re growing.

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Big table we’re going to note that this Nisan other roof shape non-canons we know on this house he has newer windows a newer front door so we want to try to verify the rating of these units so first thing I’ll do is look at the front door I want to try to find a label see if can confirm the rating so this store has no label no label on it so I’m going to look at the glass and try to determine what kind of glasses on this store so look at this watermark down here i see thatch laminated glass which usually indicates an impact.

Rated or so for this particular door we’re going to follow up with the homeowner and get documentation verifying the exact rating so we noticed this house has updated windows there’s also some accordion shutters now looking at these accordion shutters they appear to be older and nitrated but it looks like he has impact windows nobody touch him you can feel that there there’s more solid of an average window so I’m going to look at the glazing here and it looks to be likeability Dave County improve laminated safety glass.

which means its impact rating we’re just going to look at the label on the interior window to verify that want-to make sure shut this door so the dog doesn’t get out now I’m going to look at the window to see if i can find a label to verify the rating so we’ll look sphere at the label and it has an anyway number on the label which means notice of acceptance so we want to document this number and we can verify the rating by using a an online database either the day county code compliance or a site like approval zoom to verify the anyway for this some particular unit so I’ll take a picture of this for my report and verify the reading while doing airport so we verified has impact windows but we have to verify each each type of opening protection device so he’s got sliding glass doors French doors.

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we would call real property and so real properties homeowners insurance lee county florida you may have talked about and the earlier an assignment is anything that demand or permanently a fit to the land Welling or in yet the tax structure would be considered part of this real property again the distinction here is one of attachment the house the primary dwelling stands alone from these other detached structure so to spend any of these other.

structures actually physically permanently attached to the house that would actually be considered part of the dwelling itself we will also know that at this point we’re talking about the property exposures themselves we’re not talking about the perils of the causes of lathe various parallels that candy cover can be ensured will be discussed little bit later so just bear with it for a second section continues with additional property coverage covered see is the personal property coverage.

The distinction between personal real property I like to tell my classes if you turn your house upside down and shook it and evening fell out will be considered personal properties of these years close your TV’s your furniture of these sorts of things and Ed homework fault we will cover cover that personal property as well this is cover.